SHIP Treatment

SHIP® Treatment


This unique process was compiled over many years and thousands of individual psychotherapy sessions within a South African population. One of the goals of The SHIP® Foundation is to reach a level of providing service to as many South Africans as possible, irrespective of race, politics, religion, or social standing.

SHIP® is relatively young and the advances have been quite rapid. There are currently four categories namely SHIP®forAdults, SHIPiC® (SHIP® in Children), SHIP®forAdolescents and SHIP®forAcuteTrauma.

The practical benefits of SHIP® as a psychotherapy model in everyday life are the following:

  • SHIP® is applicable to the treatment of a variety of psychobiological dis-eases.
  • It is a practical form of psychotherapy that does not focus on pathology but on healing and growth.
  • The structure of SHIP® serves as a measurement for progress.
  • It allows for individual differences and pace. It is non-judgemental and follows the client’s own rhythm and tempo and respects the client’s feelings throughout.
  • It provides a focus on cognitive, behavioural, emotional and bodily experiences and is therefore an integrated and holistic approach.
  • It activates a spontaneous healing process in each individual and does not only offer temporary solutions in the form of short lived coping techniques and dissociation.
  • It focuses on psychological integration and freedom from painful and hurtful experiences.
  • It is culture free and therefore appropriate for use across all culture groups in South Africa and respects the client’s own frame of reference.
  • SHIP® can be used with all age groups and has different categories that specialise in age appropriate psychotherapy.
  • It helps to heal the past that contaminated and dictated a person’s life. It helps a client not to be a victim and slave of his or her circumstances and provides him or her with control over his or her life.
  • SHIP® releases a great deal of positive energy within – it unlocks wisdom and the client experiences freedom that will allow him or her to accept the self and others.
  • SHIP® improves self-validation and the client’s emotions are less fluctuating.
  • Freedom from chronic psychobiological dis-eases takes place as well as freedom from projections.
  • Chronic life crises disappear and creativity in personal lives and careers are unlocked.
  • It helps the client to feel more comfortable with self-assertion to the degree that he or she no longer feels threatened by other people.
  • The client becomes more spontaneous and the constant sense that something inside of him or her is holding him or her back all the time disappears.
  • SHIP® helps set up inner flow and integrated self. The hidden disconnected, spontaneous self is accessed, given identity and validated.
  • Life takes on a new definition, the sense of losing out on life disappears and the client’s place and contribution in life opens up.
  • SHIP® is flexible and adaptable, e.g. it can even be used with people with hearing difficulties and problems.
  • SHIP® helps set up inner flow and an integrated self – the hidden disconnected spontaneous self is accessed.

Applications of SHIP®

A huge asset of SHIP® is its broad spectrum of application possibilities. One of the big contributing factors is that chronic dis-ease is not regarded as pathology but signs of healing. SHIP® does not claim to be everything to everyone but it has proven over many thousands of psychotherapy sessions to be helpful in the following application scenarios, problems and chronic dis-eases that clients present with and seek help for.

  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Headaches: Migraines (vascular); Tension (muscle contraction)
  • Self-image and assertiveness
  • DSM V Disorders, e.g.
  • Post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD)
  • Complex PTSD (DESNOS)
  • Anxiety disorders and problems
  • Mood disorders
  • Somatoform disorders
  • Sexual dysfunctions and problems
  • Sleeping problems and disorders
  • Personality problems and disorders
  • Panic disorders and panic attacks
  • Eating disorders
  • Phobia
  • Impulse control problems
  • Identity problems and disorders
  • Impacts positively on intimate and marriage relationships
  • Psychobiological burnout
  • Rehabilitation and adjustment e.g. the consequences of accidents, operations, injuries, etc.
  • Life crises and adjustment e.g. divorce, death of loved one, family murder, terminal illness, loss of job, financial crisis, etc.
  • Aggression problems
  • Destructive behavioural patterns and habits
  • Stress problems
  • Bronchial asthma
  • Peptic ulcers
  • Eating problems / weight problems / obesity
  • Acute trauma
  • Chronic pain e.g. lower back pain
  • Low energy levels
  • Bereavement
  • Personal growth
  • Healing of painful and hurtful experiences that happened in the past
  • Interpersonal problems.

Contra-indications for SHIP®

It is important to understand the limitations and consequent contra indicators for SHIP®. Screening and assessing of clients is just as an important factor of effective treatment as the psychotherapy itself. The following are contra indicators:

  • Organic mental problems and disorders
  • Lack of motivation and focus on psychotherapy
  • No need for long term psychotherapy
  • Chronic substance abuse

How did people benefit from SHIP®?