SHIP Rationale

SHIP® Rationale

SHIP®, a psychobiological approach for the healing of trauma, is the result of grounded theory coupled with existing psychological theories.

Grounded theory is a concomitant journey of discovery of clients’ responses whereby the theory is developed from the information gathered during practical application. Over many years and many thousands of psychotherapy sessions these responses were tested and fine-tuned to what is today referred to as Spontaneous Healing Intra-systemic Process.

During SHIP® a Healing Space is facilitated where-in clients’ psychobiological spontaneous healing responses are facilitated. These spontaneous healing responses are part of our natural disposition and are continuously seeking to complete our internal incomplete history of trauma. The SHIP® Healing Space is a space of trust, respect, validation and patience.

Each person has a unique path towards integration and living life to the full, and SHIP® has proven its value in stimulating and facilitating clients to release trauma and take ownership of their lives. Success stories cover the whole range of trauma-spectrum manifestations such as depression, anxiety, sleep disturbances, phobias, relationship turmoil, and the vast array of psychobiological manifestations ranging from migraines, ulcers, spastic colons, cysts, to the more severe psychobiological manifestations (e.g. arthritis).

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