The SHIP® Foundation has three types of membership:


Trainers are long standing SHIP® Facilitators who also train colleagues in SHIP®.

Only Trainers are allowed to practice as registered SHIP® Trainers in their specialized categories as indicated.  All the Trainers of The SHIP® Foundation are listed on this website.

Full Membership

Those with Full Membership have completed the required SHIP® Training and are registered as SHIP® Facilitators.

All the Full Members The SHIP® Foundation are listed on this website and no other people are allowed to act as SHIP® Practitioner.

Colleagues in Training

Colleagues in Training are in process of training in order to register as SHIP® Facilitators.

Membership is available to a person who is registered as a Clinical, Counselling or Educational Psychologist with the HPCSA. Once a colleague has qualified and registered as a facilitator (in the specific specialist category of SHIP® Membership as allowed by their scope of practice) he or she will qualify for full membership.

How does one become a SHIP® Colleague?